Communities in Conversation Open House

Submitted: November 03rd, 2015

Communities in Conversation Open House

Since April, over 31,000 residents have shared their vision for the future of Hamilton in a variety of ways. Now more than halfway to its goal of reaching 50,000 residents, the City of Hamilton will share what they have been hearing through a series of Open Houses across the city. Between October 26th and November 21st, residents can visit an Open House at a location near them to see what the community has been saying and provide their thoughts on what the City should be focusing on. Hamilton City Councillors will also be on hand in their respective wards to encourage everyone to participate in shaping the vision for the future of Hamilton.

City staff and resident volunteers will welcome residents in an Open House setting to review the community input from Our Future Hamilton engagement activities so far this year. Residents will review what the community has been sharing and be encouraged to identify gaps and priority areas to help shape the vision for Hamilton.

Complete details on the Open Houses including dates and locations are available here. (The closest to downtown Hamilton is on Nov 12th at the Evergreen Storefront, 294 James St. N. From 3 pm to 7:30 pm.)

The Our Future Hamilton: Communities in Conversation Initiative
In 1992, the City of Hamilton asked residents – what will Hamilton look like in 25 years? The result was Vision 2020 – Hamilton’s current community vision and the catalyst for significant progress in Hamilton in the areas of arts and heritage, reducing and managing waste, improving air quality, improving water quality and protecting natural areas. Reflecting back on the original Vision 2020 experience, and thinking towards the next 25 years in Hamilton, Mayor Fred Eisenberger knows one thing is clear. “We all have a role to play in shaping how we move forward as a City, says Eisenberger. “What will Hamilton look like in 25 years? That is the question we want to ask everyone in our community. And coming together through events like this, voicing our thoughts, suggestions and sharing with our community partners, ensures we are on the right path and creating a community we can all be proud of.”

For more information on the Our Future Hamilton initiative, please visit here.