Excuses Lead To Mediocrity


Excuses. We all make them and we all use them. The problem is when we start hiding behind them to avoid the reality of  what is really happening around us.  An excuse is you altering reality and the bigger issue becomes when you start believing the excuses you have made up instead of looking for a solution or putting the effort in that it really takes to become a success.
Many people ramp up the use of their excuses when they are not reaching their goals or targets. There is always a "Why," Why they couldn’t close the account, why they can’t lose weight, why they’re not doing the right activity. I bet I could write a novel on the list of excuses that I have heard over the years. Have you used an excuse to make you feel better instead of holding yourself accountable to reaching your full potential?
Here are a few of the most common excuses that delay you taking action and achieving success:

1. I don’t have the time
"I don’t have the time" is an excuse that has been used so many times because it is the easiest one to use. The clock ticks forward and no one can argue with you that the day is over.
But let’s have a look at some of the most successful people in the world. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and the reality is that time cannot be altered, but we can control how we use our time and where we spend those precious hours we waste every day. Once you start making success a priority you will find the time to focus on tasks that will make you more successful.

2. That won’t work in my territory
I love this one, "I know my market better than you." This is your ego or your pride speaking and the reality is that you are in denial. Unless you are selling on Mars there is not a business owner on this planet that would not want to make more profit, have better employee moral, a better image and more loyal customers, to name a few things.  If bringing ideas to your customers and helping them solve some of the issues they are experiencing with your products or services won’t work then "Nanu Nanu" (A Mork And Mindy Reference).

3. I don’t need to understand social media
You may not think that your customers or potential customers are not on social media or would like to be. Your customers need a better reason or need to have an online presence and if you really want to separate yourself from everyone else become a subject matter expert on social media and help your customers build their social media presence.
Fact#1: Companies are charging $600.00 U.S a month to run one social media platform.
Fact#2: More and more of your customers, customers are making buying decisions from social media engagement.
Remember if your customers (and you) are staying offline, their (and your) competition is online and they are connecting with a larger customer base that they (and you) are obviously ignoring!

4. Price
Seriously? When a customer says to you your price is to high, what they are really saying is that the perceived value in doing business with you is not high enough to meet your price.
When the customer says your price is too high, engage the customer with conversation that uncovers the real reasons on their buying motives. If you uncover the buyer’s motive, you make the sale regardless of price. If you engage the customer in a value based conversation, you might be able to get them to see your point of view.
If your customer perceives no value between you and your competitor and no real value between what you are offering then the only thing that is left is price.

As Eric Thomas says, "You owe you." You owe yourself and your family your full potential. Stop making excuses and pointing the finger at other people and blaming others for not becoming successful and start looking in the mirror and asking yourself “what did you not do?” BL

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