What will bring meaning to your life?

We become what we seek. When we choose to become the very thing we seek, only then do we uncover the deeper reason for our existence. Somewhere along our journey we lose our way and disconnect from our inner being. - Gerry Visca


Take a moment and take stock of your life. Ask yourself, "What has brought me meaning thus far?" Is it the house? The new car? The remodeled family room? How about the past several visits to the shopping mall? I`m sure it wouldn`t take long to "rationalize" how much joy your external world has presented you.

If you dig a little deeper you would soon realize it`s all just "rational lies." What if you took a deeper dive and had a conversation with your heart? What is the love that you are truly seeking? Now as you swim in a new ocean of belief ask yourself, "What will bring meaning to my life?"

The path to true happiness, inner peace and fulfillment will never emerge from the external world. Deeper levels of meaning dwells within the light of your "inner being." It ascends from the stillness of your heart and breaks through the surface with arms thrust out wide. Breathe in the power of this moment that is your life. Soak in the wondrous power of your beating heart.

Embrace new levels of gratitude for your soul`s desire to awaken its spirit. Feel your inner light filling you up with new levels of love for yourself and everything around you. You`ve been gifted life and the exquisite opportunity to savour all that it has to offer. BL

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