About your business dashboard


Each time you step into your car, instantly your auto dashboard offers you the vital info. You need that info before you head out into the unforgiving traffic. Have you got enough gas to get you to Toronto? Each item on your dash supports your safety and convenience. The speedometer helps you stay within the speed limit so you don’t get a hefty ticket.

What about your business? When you get to your office, can you turn your computer on and read your vital signs of performance. Shouldn’t those items come up on a dashboard on your screen? You could see instantly how things stand. Shouldn’t you be able to navigate from your dashboard?

Any effective dashboard needs to show all the key indicators. What do you have to have at your fingertips to navigate your business? The first step requires figuring out the necessary indicators. They need to be in a simple form so you can instantly discern your state.

Get your IT department involved. Some of the vital info covers financial. Sales, costs, profits, etc. You need to find a way to have accounting feed timely updates to the dashboard. Other info may be from production. How to you get up-to-the-minute production figures. Do you have indicators for all stakeholders in the business? Ownership, employees, customers, etc. What indicators gauge their interests? Suppliers. Can you show that you will have adequate product supply?

Some of the firms I work with have elegant systems. They can monitor the system clearly on their dashboard as it comes up on the computer. What a relief from stress when you can see at a glance that “everything is under control.” My reaction…why can`t every business do that? You can. Just decide and do it. BL

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