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May you live in interesting times


May you live in interesting times" is a quote from history and is certainly applicable today both globally and in the current real estate market. There is no shortage of opinions, theories or general ideas floating about across a variety of mediums. Every social setting provides an opportunity for questions and forecasts. The range of analysis is from the potential of a housing market crash to the suggestion of values continuing to escalate. It is difficult to project which direction we are currently headed in…the “crystal ball” seems a bit foggy. However, it is safe to suggest that change will be coming. Let’s step back and look at some practical facts. We are experiencing some of the lowest interest rates in our lifetime, some of the highest debt levels in history, some global economic instability, and a demographic shift. What does all this mean? Simply, make good real estate decisions taking all the known facts into consideration. Your house is your principal investment but it will also be your home… the place where you live, entertain, and enjoy life. Your home is not a guaranteed GIC that you file in a drawer. There will be times when the value goes up, a time when the value stagnates, and times such as between 1990 and 2001 when the average value went down. Plan accordingly. While sheep are cute and furry and follow one another without question…don’t be a real estate sheep. Make real estate decisions with current information from knowledgeable sales representatives. Call us and we will provide the latest data together with the many options to consider as you move forward. Make your interesting times also positive times. Call us. BL

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