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Operating a successful business is about much more than just making a profit or beating the competition. Businesses can also make a genuine, positive impact on the lives of people in their community. 

The Care4 program is an innovative fundraising partnership that empowers businesses to demonstrate social responsibility by making a financial commitment on behalf of their customers to Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation.

“The customer recognizes that a portion of what they are paying goes to a charity,” says Tamara Pope, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. “Research shows that if consumers have a choice, they are more likely to go with the company involved with a charity.”

The principle of the program is simple, yet powerful in its multiplier effect. When consumers make a purchase from a Care4 partner, a portion of the purchase (which is unique to each partner) directly supports patient care, education, research and equipment purchases across the supported sites of Hamilton Health Sciences.

“It really has a three-way benefit,” says Pope. “Corporate partners benefit because the customer sees them as a link to a cause that is important to them, The Foundation benefits from the fundraising, and both The Foundation and corporate partners benefit from the branding as another means of amplifying their message.”

Hamilton Health Sciences provides specialized care to a population of 2.3 million people throughout south-central Ontario. Many services provided at Hamilton Health Sciences sites like Hamilton General Hospital, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, and St. Peter’s Hospital, are not available anywhere else in the region. Patients are often transferred to Hamilton Health Sciences sites from community hospitals in Niagara, Brantford, Kitchener-Waterloo and Burlington. 

“Given that Hamilton Health Sciences is a regional centre, it makes sense to work with regional businesses because we provide health care services to their families, neighbours and customers,” says Pope. “Care4 is for businesses throughout south-central Ontario, not just Hamilton.”

According to Pope, the Care4 program is also great for employee engagement and retention as employees feel a sense of pride in working for an organization that gives back or is actively engaged in supporting a cause. BL

If you have a consumer-based business and are interested in becoming a Care4 partner, please visit or call 905.521.2100 ext. 44847. You can also make a real difference by supporting our Care4 partner businesses.