Sonami Partnerships help dentist disrupt implant industry

Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

In a world of innovative ideas, sometimes it makes more sense to reinvent the product, and not the entire wheel. Take dental implants for example. The titanium screw that fuses to bone is the wheel but everything else about the implant, the material and procedure can be redesigned and reinvented.

Accept the risk of change

Canada ranked high in the amount of data breaches and lost revenue in 2017

There are multiple studies and publications that all indicate the same thing when it comes to all these company’s data breaches that have become so common now. A little over 91% of these data breaches are the result of human behaviour. Whether it’s by accident or on purpose, it’s you and/or your employees that are the cause of these data breaches. This is a pretty formidable number and should be incentive enough to change your behaviours with regards to technology. It should be incentive enough to implement new IT management policies and make it a priority to ensure your staff is trained and aware of the risk they represent.


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There are many differences between a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). The benefits of each should be considered before deciding to invest inside either. RRSP contributions are tax-deductible, while the TFSA is not. This means the amount that is contributed to the RRSP is deducted from your total income for the year and reduces your current income taxes payable. Many individuals prefer the RRSP for this reason alone. If you currently find yourself in a high tax bracket, the RRSP is likely the most beneficial option for you.

What The Facebook Algorithm Means For Your Business

Facebook algorithm has changed!

Ever wondered what this means and whether it has any bearing on your business? In simple terms, Facebook means they are making updates they hope will be more beneficial to their audience, and the marketers that affect their own income business. In the latest update, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be changing the way posts appear in your news feed, again. This time he said they will be showing you only the updates from friends and family. They believed that people only want to read stories from those they care about and so comes this filtering of your news feed.